How to measure the success of a video marketing campaign?

Having thousands of views on a video does not mean that your campaign has been the best. Let’s not forget that it is currently possible to buy shares, likes, comments, subscribers and much more.
In other words; These purchases are nothing but a hoax and also do not reflect actual results of our strategy of video marketing. Therefore, in the video production and marketing,  these types of techniques that are harmful to the client are not used.
So be very careful when buying visualizations , not only because it is a hoax, but also because Google could penalize you and close your account forever. Now, how to measure the success of your video marketing campaign? Keep reading!
Keys to measure your video marketing campaign
As today it is possible to buy views, we cannot trust that YouTube indicates through its counter.
So what can I do to avoid falling into these deceptive visualizations? Well, you should consider the following values:
• Play time
 One of the ways to know that our video marketing strategy is paying off is to see the length of time users have regarding the content you published.
For example, the video may have a large number of views, but viewers only see it for 0 to 10 seconds when the material lasts 1 minute or more. And to be honest, this is not a good sign .
• The geographical origin of the visualizations
As you read it, the geographical origin of the reproductions is key. We are going to give you a simple example so you can easily understand it.
Well, a week ago you created a video aimed especially at the United States audience, which today has more than 20 thousand views. Surely you will freak out with these figures, right?
But … it turns out that by looking at the data you perceive that of all these visualizations 52% comes from Europe, 25% from the Asia and only 15% from United States… are you managing to capture your target audience? The answer is a resounding NO .
Meanwhile, it will be of no use to show off the 20 thousand views if you are not arriving in the country or region you want.
• Demography
In this case it is almost the same, if the material you are promoting is aimed at men between 25 and 35 years old, but 60% of the visualizations belong to women between 45 and 55 years old, it means that your campaign is not being very effective .
Sometimes there are cases where you are not getting to the place you want and nor to the people you want , however, the number of views that YouTube shows you are “positive.”
In conclusion, these are the variables that must be measured to determine the success of your video marketing campaign, so you can make adjustments or design a better strategy to achieve the goals of your company.
And finally, to be clear that it is not difficult to access these metrics; as they are available to anyone, in fact it is not necessary to use payment tools, social networks such as YouTube and Facebook show you this measurement data .


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