How to request a quote for a wedding video: 5 tips

The wedding videos as a memory element, are fashionable. It is a rising trend.  There is no better memory for an event, as important as a quality audiovisual product, which will forever immortalize the most important and special day of your life. However, when requesting an offer for the wedding video, a lot of people do not know what aspects they should consider. First of all, they do not know which are the necessary information when communicating with the production company. Secondly, once they receive the budget, they don’t know how to compare it with others offers properly. That’s why today, we offer you 5 tips so you know how to request a quote for wedding video.

What to ask and what information to give?

The video producer with whom you contact must be clear about the location to know how to budget exactly for the displacement.

The exact place

…or places where the event is going to take place: the church or place where the wedding ceremony will take place, as well as the preparations and the place of the reception. In this way, the video agency will have information on what technical equipment they will need (lighting, sound, use or not of the drone)

Date and time of the wedding

Of course, when requesting a budget for wedding video you can not leave this aspect. Surely the most important thing is to see if  the producer will have that date available.

Event time and video duration

How long is your video going to be? Would you like to record pre-wedding session? All this is essential at the budget level.

Expectations and needs

Are you going to want some areas to be filmed with a drone? Would you rather have more than one camera operator to capture absolutely everything? What style, tone and colors will your video have? What are the payment terms? Think of everything so that you can fully customize the video budget.


Beware of excessively cheap services and, at the other extreme, very expensive services.


Audiovisual technology advances rapidly. Make sure you have an updated audiovisual production company and that it has the most innovative technical resources. Today, everything that is not at least Full HD, you must reject it ( drone or camera).

Comments and reviews on Social Networks

Something that many forget is to investigate the social networks and it is essential to know the reputation of the producer. Look at the reviews, read the comments that are in their social profiles and, if it is a producer from your area, maybe you can also talk to someone who hired their services.

Technical and human resources used

You should find out (and if they don’t tell you, ask) how many camera operators and drone operators are included in the budget for the video recording and editing of the wedding event. You should also consider the technical resources: a wedding video with a drone will raise the final price, which is logical since having a drone is expensive in itself (courses, license, insurance, in addition to the device itself and the camera that is incorporate)

Previous jobs

Check out some of the work done before by the different audiovisual agencies to get an idea of ​​what you are looking for (tone, dynamism, style, and lighting)

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