Do you need a corporate video ?

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a type of audiovisual content focused on some aspect related to a company directly or indirectly in which will turn leads into clients. Ya, i know what your thinking. That is a brain twister. But to better understand it. Having a video that describes your business in a nutshell that you place on the home page of your website will get more viewers engaged in the products or services your business has to offer. More than just relying on the consumer to read the content that you wrote on your web page.

Which are the objectives of a corporate video?

♦ Improve the corporate image

The video is a perfect way  to make yourself known but also to convey a series of values to the audience.

♦ Communication is key

The corporate video can communicate. Here is how:

? an internal or external event,

? an ad,

? a promotion,

? a user manual,

? a willingness to inform the audience so that it is known improves the company …

And the list could go on and on to infinity.

♦ Improve positioning

When you use a quality corporate video, you let the viewers know what kind of products or services your business has to offer. This is whats called “CREATING A BUZZ”.

♦ Increase the feeling of belonging

When the company wants to take another step towards connecting with its customers, it has to offer something exclusive and personal.
In any case, corporate videos are the perfect way to create this connection. The audience will feel that they themselves are a part of the company, and that they are just as equally important even as just a viewer.

Advantages of corporate video

★ Easy Consumption

People will always be more motivated to consume a video than to read a text.  It is more comfortable and this option is rich and visuals.

★ Immediate Effect

Have you ever wondered why they are still making teleshopping videos after such a long time?

They are very aggressive activating the impulse sale. Without recommending that style at all, they are a good example of how far you can go.

★ High reaction / conversion ratio

According the Animoto report, 3% of consumers received an impact on the social media of the brand before their purchase decision and that the video It’s the kind of favorite content . And  93% of the marketing managers acknowledge having achieved customers thanks to the video .

★ Socially extended

Everyone knows the format. It is massively consumed to the point that it is already “expected.” Few conceive that some certain activities are not accompanied by a video.

    A corporate video includes a huge range of options and benefits for your company. It doesn’t matter if this is either small or large, since there is a type of video for each business and for each objective that you mark.
We create engaging videos that will create this buzz. Give us a call for more information at 714-904-0727 for a free quote on your corporate video.
Its high conversion rate, its versatility and the familiarity of the audience with this content make it the perfect product to communicate or provoke a reaction in your audience .

See below some video examples we made for our clients

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