What are the benefits to email marketing?

Email marketing is the use of a topic sent out as an advertising resource for our company or brand. Well, if we add an audiovisual element to this sales method (direct or indirect) a video will become what is known as video email marketing.

What is video email marketing?

The video email marketing is a new way to create a bond with the readers. It is about offering, through email, a short audiovisual recording that contains the information we want to express.

These videos are sent to our clients or future clients, selected from a database, accompanied by a pleasant wording that invites them to contact us, to take us into account in any situation that may arise. In summary, this resource is about of an email with promotional video of direct or indirect sale -which occupies the bulk of the mail and that is conceived as the main element- and a small wording that, in this case, only serves as a courtesy sample to give it a more personal and human touch to the content.

The keys on the content of this resource, which is increasingly used, are, in essence, the invention, the clear and sincere exposition of the company’s working method, creativity, and the fact of conceiving the viewer as the main concern.

Although the audiovisual content of these recordings can be very different, some good ideas are – or could be – to offer viewers the development of something over time, so that we can see that what we advertise is not temporary. It is also fashionable to show the opinion and satisfaction of real customers to increase the trust of those who observe us.

What is the use of email audiovisual marketing?

In essence, this audiovisual production format is about an improved version of email marketing whose purpose is the same -to captivate and sell.

Advertising element

It is a new advertising strategy, used to promote a product, publicize our company, announce a change, or simply give a friendly treatment to the customer.

Display possibility

These objectives perhaps could not be achieved if we sought to capture the reader through text. The fact of using an audiovisual resource makes us more predisposed to enjoy the content of the mail and, of course, not to cross it out as spam or “junk mail”.

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