Which are the factors that make a video viral ?

What does ‘viral’ mean?

Viral video refers to content that is spread, quickly and exponentially, through the Internet reaching a large number of visits in a short time. Sometimes even in a few hours.

Which are the factors that make a video viral?

Before listing a number of factors to consider when you want to publish an audiovisual mixed with proper scene decor which will make your content spread rapidly throughout the world wide web of YouTube and social media.
We need to convey a message and an original unique idea that instantly impacts simply with just using images and very few (or even no) words.
Short and high quality videos.
Sometimes with a couple of minutes, or even a few seconds, it is enough to create a viral video production that quickly reaches everyone. Yes, it is essential that the videos have a high resolution and the correct format, in addition to a good quality image. Now the competition on YouTube and in general on the Internet is high and the videos need quality parameters at a professional level.
We want to underline the importance of this.  Without a very original story at the base, it will be much more difficult to create that impact that viral videos require.
A compact and easy to remember message
An important thing is to connect with people’s emotions. If this thing is made right, it will lead at the virality of a video.
Search engine optimization
Put the keywords in the back links of your videos that is  the best way to describe how to do it.
Do your job
To encourage the rapid expansion of your viral video production: share your content on all social networks, blogs, websites and all your contacts, also privately. Ask your family and friends to share your video.
Allow other users to share and embed your video on their websites, comment and rate it.

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