Why does your video commercial need a storyboard?

What is a storyboard?

You may not be an expert in the audio-visual world, but we are certain that you have never ever heard the word script, right?

Well, basically a storyboard is chicken scratches broken up in the squares where several sequential illustrations are made that will tell the story of the video.

Although each section not only has a series of drawings. But text lines are also included in which some technical details (such as plans, seconds, scene number …) and dialogues between the characters participating in the spot ( and of course, yes there is this).

  • To break down on how important this tool is we could say that a storyboard allows us to:
    • Give body and form to the message you want to convey with your spot.
    • Build depth.
    • View the structure of a video sequentially to determine if it works.

    3 reasons why your spot needs a storyboard

    We already suggested why your advertising spot requires a storyboard, but we also want to give you 3 powerful reasons to use this tool.

    Facilitates and understanding film making.

In case you work your advertising videos with a whole team of people, this storyboard will allow them to understand how the shooting will take place. For example, they will know the elements of each scene and work more effectively.

You will also know what plans you should capture, in what sequence and how all the action will take place.

2.       Facilitate postproduction.

In fact, when editing it will be easier to sort the scenes. All this will result in more efficient production.

3.       You will save time and money.

Are you going to record an advertising video and you don’t have a storyboard?  This is not ok, because you must leave everything to improvisation and you will have to decide the plans, the actions, the decorative elements … at that moment.

This could lead to a loss of money because the shoots may go wrong and, it will also consume you more time than necessary by not having everything premeditated.

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